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Family Handbook
School Year 2022/2023
Revised 01/24/2022






Life Centered


Life Centered (LC) is a for profit, licensed Preschool and Before and After School Center. LC is a Program to Families in the general area. Kindness, Affection, and Respect are how we Believe all Children need to be Treated. We will provide a high level of care in a low- income, socially challenged environment. Our promise is to create a fun learning atmosphere for children and introduce them to new and different educational experiences. We provide quality educational assistant and child-care to benefit the child, parent and the Community.



LC is dedicated to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows children to develop at their own pace. We believe that children need to have a positive self-image. We will foster their image, along with their developmental growth in the areas of emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills, through a variety of group activities, individual time, homework help, and quiet periods. We welcome parent visits and will seriously consider all parent suggestions and comments.

Life Centered seeks to provide children with programs and an environment that teaches children educational and characters value that can be practices in their present and future joyful life. LC will strive for family involvement, as our motto is your peace of mind is best when knowing your child is in the hands of a quality provider. However, parent support is of vital importance of reinforcing what a child is learning at school and at home. We are not a replacement for substitution for family or parents. Our purpose is to work closely with families to Help educate young children and to help develop their minds and bodies through the love and care through what we do. We will attempt to support our family’s life while they endure the task of balancing parental life and their professional roles.

We will achieve to elevate the education profession through implementation of curriculum and training that your child is currently receiving in their local schools. We understand that every child is unique, and children have their own special qualities. Our assistant curriculum will challenge young minds and allow children to make decisions and choices in what they do, preparing them for the outside world. In addition to academics, social, and emotional development, characteristics’ such as honesty, obedience, sharing, and showing love to others is highly praised. Our staff lead support team are carefully selected by their education and experience and for their ability to present themselves as good role models for the children.



…. More than a daycare
Here at Life Centered we are committed to assure you that we will provide the highest quality of childcare. We will exhibit a loving, safe, educational and fun learning environment to enhance children’s growth and development.


Section 1- Primary Caregiving Policies and Procedures



Life Centered accepts children from the following ages for its respective programs:

Tiny Toes – Infants and Toddlers up to 2 years oldPreschool - 2 ½ to 7 years (potty trained)
Pre-K – 4 years of age (potty trained)School Age – 5 to 12-year-old


Our Programs offer the best quality of care and is designed to have each child cared for by the same qualified lead teacher and assistant teacher daily. This process will promote formation of a strong emotional bond between our children, families and staff.

Life Centered is equipped and currently licensed for preschool and school age children, however; each child accepted in our program, will be in a group of their peers of age, developmental levels, or special needs as determined by the director. Children will be enrolled by age group and or until vacancies are filled. If classes are full, the child’s name will be place on a guest waiting list to fill vacancies as they occur during the years. All forms provided to you upon enrollment must be completed before your child may attend. To enroll or reenroll your child you must complete the enrollment agreement forms and pay the registration fee.

We have a six-week trial period to see if your child is a good fit for our program and if we are a good fit for your child.

Effective October 1, 2018; all parents are required to attend a Mandatory Orientation to review the policies and procedures of Life Centered and provide all documentation before their child may be permitted to attend.


Definition of Family

In this handbook when we use the term family, we are referring to a parent, legal guardian, sponsor or anyone else who provides for the well-being, best-interest and responsibility of your child in our care. 


Continuity of Care

Children enrolled in our care will remain with the same primary caregivers in the same peer group for at least two years depending on child’s age.


Center Rules

Families who attend Life Centered are expected to follow these basic rules.

    1. Show kindness to other children.

    2. Show respect for authority(teacher)

    3. Use appropriate language

    4. Use quiet voices and walking feet inside

    5. Show respect for our property and toys.

We ask all parents to help their child learn the rules and practice them.



We believe that the first step to good discipline is setting guidelines for children to follow. When a child is having a difficult time following directions or treating others or equipment with resect, developmentally appropriate guidance techniques are used.

These techniques are as follows:

    • Positive reinforcement: the child will be encouraged when he/she is demonstrating acceptable behavior.

    • Redirection: the child is redirected to another activity and then given another opportunity to try again at another time.

    • When… Then Statements: A statement in which the child is encouraged to accomplish something before going to something else. Sample “When we are finished picking up the blocks, then you can go outside.”

    • If…Then Statements: A statement in which the child is encouraged to make a positive choice, Sample “If you pick up the blocks, then you can go to the Dramatic Play area”

    • Stop and think- the children are encouraged to stop immediately in the location of play and think about what the teacher is saying, redirected to make a good choice as to what he/she should be doing.

    • Take a break: separated from the group for a child-regulated period, One minute per child age. This technique is used only when a child is exhibiting temper tantrum type behavior or hurting self, others or equipment. When the child shows the he/she is ready to demonstrate acceptable behavior, the child is encouraged to join the rest of the group and try again.

    • Teachers will always exhibit forgiveness and love when approaching discipline.

    • Corporal punishment, spanking, or yelling at children is forbidden!

Life Centered reserves the right to cancel services to any child. Termination of services will occur only if it is determined by the director that the child’s needs could no longer be met, and the center has taken every known step to work with the child’s problem. Every honest effort has been made by the center/director to work with the parents to resolve the issue at hand, and/ or communication between the director and parents has ceased or failed to improve.

To maintain consistency among discipline, school policies, and our values, parent are asked to uphold the school rules. Please refrain from the use of foul language on the premises, loud screaming, yelling, humiliating, hitting, spanking a child, scolding or disciplining children who do not belong to them. Parent support of the school polices, and philosophy is essential for your child to have a successful year.



Life Centered admits children of any race, religion, disability, color, national and ethnic origin, Vietnam-era status, or any other factors protected by law. All the rights, privileges, programs, and activities made available to all students in our school program. We do not discriminate in any way within the administered program. A multicultural, anti-biased curriculum is offered. All requested personal information is confidential.



Parents please understand that you are under contract with Life Centered School Age Program. Tuition fees, and enrollment, means that your child has a spot in the specified age group in which you are enrolling your child in. You are responsible for any fees related to your child or children’s attendance.

When we are closed for holidays, staff training, teacher workdays and bad weather conditions the tuition is still paid for the entire week. Life Centered encourages parents to become actively involved with what goes on at the center and in their child’s classroom. Parent participation and support with programs, conferences, and activities are of the utmost importance for our child to have a SUCCESSFUL YEAR. Open and frequent communication between you, your child’s teacher, and Center director will strengthen this partnership and help your child have a positive early learning experience. We promote communication between our staff members and families through an open-door policy, where parents can visit your children anytime, to observe during class time, and special outings and events.

Parent and teachers will communicate to share ideas through daily communication and conferences, our program honors the child’s home language and encourages home language development by having at least one teacher in the classroom that is bilingual if there is a dominant second language used in the classroom. A parent information board will be available to display current information about our center and other topics of interest to families including posted lessons. As we do want you to talk regarding your child, staff is not allowed to discuss other children as we respect confidentiality of all children. It is also necessary for parents to be aware of polices and regulations that the State of Colorado and the center requirements. The following sections will start you towards learning these policies and regulations.



We are required to keep a student file on each child enrolled. Parents are responsible for completing all paperwork and submitting it before the child’s first day. Parents need to keep the school notified of any changes in home address, telephone numbers, employment, or custody of child. In cases of separation or divorce, LC abides by all legally served court orders concerning a parent’s rights to visitation or custody of the child. In these situations, all copies of the legal documentation must be kept in your child’s file. Parents will need to update records and paperwork yearly or as changes occurs.



Parents must inform the center of any special needs for their child. We comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We carefully consider each child unique needs, if your child is disabled or has any other special needs, please communicate with the Center Director.



Children’s records are open only to the child teacher, the Director, authorized employees of the Colorado State Licensing and the child’s parent or legal guardian. Staff records are open only to the individual staff member, the Director, authorized employees of Colorado State Licensing. Personal information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and reports concerning staff or children will be confidential. Confidential information is released and discussed with the director, state licensing specialist and center staff or parents directly involved.



Our door is always open to parents. Please feel free to come in any time to discuss your child. This handbook is available to help answer some of your questions. Parents are informed of activates through monthly newsletters, lesson plans, and information posted on classroom parent boards. Two parent conferences are offered during the year. Teachers or parents may request an additional conference at any time there is a special concern. Daily communication with your child’s teacher and/ or checking your child’s file folder for notes will also keep you informed of any problems or praise reports. If teachers are not free to talk with you during class time, please understand that the children come first. After the children are dismissed, the teacher will be happy to talk with you. We love parents who are interested in what we do! We encourage you to visit us at any time and we would be happy to hear any suggestion which you may have for improving our program.



Pinkeye, measles, mumps, chicken pox, meningitis, salmonella, strep, head lice, and diarrhea. Symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, persistent cough, heavy nasal discharge, upset stomach; face or body rash, red and sore ears, eyes, and throat can also be signs of infectious disease. If one or more of these symptoms are present in your child, we ask that you check with a doctor before bringing your child into the center, if your child has come in contact to a communicable disease, we would appreciate you letting us know so that we may inform other parents at the center. If your child has come in contact to a communicable disease at school, we inform you through notices posted in the office entryway and on the entrance door of the classroom. We will honor the doctor’s recommendations regarding communicable disease however, if your child has a fever of 100.4, we ask for a 24-hour period out of school.

No child who arrives at the school with noticeably illness such as a rash, fever, or symptoms will be admitted for the day. Other exclusion is diarrhea, vomiting, eye discharge, pinkeye, lice/nits, too tired, or too ill to participate in normal activities. If a child becomes ill while at LC, the parents will be called immediately to pick up the child. The child will be isolated, under supervision and encouraged to rest until you have made appropriate arrangements.

In case of an emergency, qualified staff will administer first aid and notify parents or authorized persons. The staff will call the local ambulance service to transport your child to your preferred hospital or nearest hospital, if needed. In addition, we will make every effort to contact your child’s physician. We have bumps, bruises and scrape forms for any minor scratches or scrapes daily to inform parents of daily activity.



Under Colorado State law and Colorado State Child Care Rules and Regulations, only medications that are prescribed by a physician may be given to child. All medications for eyes, ears, lacerations, burns, oral medications and individual special procedures require a written order or prescriptions from a physician. The admission of children who have a special health care needs, disabilities, or developmental delays which includes, children with social emotional and behavioral needs must be in alignment with Life Centered policies and procedures. The center has the right to refuse to admit a child if a statement from the health care professional is not submitted. We will administer dosages of medicine if:

  • Medication is in its original container, with the original pharmacy label showing the child’s name, the prescription number, name of medicine, date filled, physician’s name and direction for dosage.

  • Medication is signed in on the *medication sheet*. This gives LC written consent from a parent or guardian of a child to administer medication cabinet in the office. Students carrying and taking their own medication must review and sign the centers policy and procedures regarding the self-carry contract with Life Centered and meet with our center’s health care consultant for approval. Attached at the end of this handbook you will find all medication and self-carry policy and procedures along with Child Care Licensing Regulations and the center’s Health Care Consultant instructions and recommendations from the child’s individualized health care plan.



Medication is also subject to the above listed procedures and cannot be administered without a doctor’s order. A blank medical form covering various “over the counter” medicines can be used and kept in the child’s file folder including lip balm, cough drops, Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup etc. Non-refrigerated medicines will be kept in the designated area in the refrigerator. All medicine will be out of reach of children. Never put medicines; cough drops, etc., in your child’s lunchbox, backpack, or cubby. Please be sure to always either hand the medicine to an on-duty staff to put away or put the medication in the proper area.

Only one staff member per room as designated by the centers Nurse will do dispensing of medicines. They will be certified in first aid and use the proper techniques for administering medication. Each staff member who dispenses medicine will be responsible for keeping a written record of the medication given including the date, the time, name of child, dosage, name of medicine, and the initials of administering staff member.

7.702.52C10- Emergency medications must be stored in accordance with the Child Care Heath Consultants recommendation. Emergency medications are not required to be stored in a locked area. Emergency medications may be stored in an area easily accessible and identifiable to the staff but out of reach of children. When away from the classroom, staff must carry emergency medications in a bag on their person.



Parents are responsible for transporting their children to the center and picking them up from the center on time, all children must be sign in and out each day by a parent or caregiver. The sign in and sign out is a mandated policy by the Department of Social Services and requires that you sign your full name on the Sign In/Out sheets in the lobby entryway. All parents must give a list of authorized adults allowed to pick up their child. Our program cannot refuse to release a child to a parent or legal guardian without prior court orders, such as custody orders or protection orders. Photocopied driver’s licenses are required from all authorized persons to be placed in each child’s file. No one else may pick up your child. An unknown person will be required to show photo ID and detained by the center staff until authorization for pick up can be verified. Unauthorized persons will be asked to leave the premises and the police may be called if necessary. If the program has reasonable belief that the authorized individual is under influence of drugs or alcohol, and the authorized individual leaves with the child under the influence and is operating a motor vehicle, then the program must immediately report such to police or social services. If the program has a reasonable belief that the authorized individual is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and the authorized leaves with the child but is not operating a motor vehicle, the program must still immediately call law enforcement and/or social services if the program reasonably believes that the child’s health, life, or well- being is endangered.



Although emergencies rarely occur, we do like to be prepared. LC maintains smoke detectors and a fire alarm system and has fire drills monthly. Escape routes are posted in each classroom and are practiced. In case of tornado or tornado alert, children will be moved to the innermost part of the building (hallways and bathroom). They will be shielded under tables where they can be kept safe until the tornado or alert has passed. During the tornado or alert, teachers will help to ease children’s fears through songs, prayer, storytelling and other activities. Tornado drills will be completed at least once a month during April and June. In case of disaster where evacuation is required, van and private vehicle will evacuate the children to the closest safe haven. After which parents will be called from the location. LC has posted evacuation plans and instructed teachers in what procedures should be followed. The center has at least one person trained in CPR/First Aid in each class. Emergency telephone numbers are posted by each telephone, and parent’s number and addresses are in children’s files and classroom. The vehicles will contain parent numbers for easier access during an emergency.

Procedure to Identify where children are at all times

LC staff checks for children to prevent losing any child throughout the day especially during and after transitions. Teachers take attendance at the beginning of the day and every ½-hour throughout the day on a grid provided by the facility as long as the children are in the building. Center director and staff will continually check sign-in/sign-out sheets at the end of the day to be certain that all children have been accounted for during and when the center closes. Attendance is kept with teachers on field trips, on the playground, during bus runs, and in the group interaction. This is so that children can always be accounted for, by name. Directors do daily visual checks at regular intervals; at the start of the day, lunchtime, and nap time in the afternoon whenever the children are in the building. Room to room checks for children are done at the end of the day before closing. In the event, a child is lost; staff will immediately notify the director and do a search of the premises. If a child is not found quickly, then parents and police will be notified to help the effort.



Parents must keep on file emergency and medical authorizations for their child. It is necessary to keep work numbers and addresses up to date so that you can be quickly located in case of an emergency. LC staff will also keep emergency authorizations on file, in event of staff injury. The center will keep on hand a vehicle for transporting persons to hospital, etc. EMS, Police, or Fire Department will be called if needed.



Dressing your child in play clothes, and tennis shoes is encouraged. Daily activities include active and sometimes messy play and children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. Clothing should be appropriate for the season. The child’s name should be placed on all outdoor clothing and belongings, to ensure the returning of all possessions.



Parents are requested to label and supply those items necessary for the proper care of your child in the event of an emergency:

    • one or two sets of clothing

    • Each child will have a separate cubby of personal bag provided by center for their personal items as well as a place to hang coats and hats.





LC is open between the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday, except for specified holidays or extreme bad weather days. Class workout times ranges from 9:00am to 12:00pm on full days and vary from group to group. Individuals class workout times schedules and lesson plans are posted, informing parents of routines and special activities planned for the day. Childcare and play areas are open in the afternoon hours after naptime and snack. All children must be checked in by 9:00a.m., see director for exemptions.



LC will observe and be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Should the holiday fall on a weekend, we will close on the Friday preceding the holiday or the Monday after the holiday, unless special arrangements has been setup. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we are open half days. However, we will close early if there are not sufficient parents need. With new 2018 quality standards implementation, the Center may be required to close for staff trainings or teacher workdays.



In case of a flood, tornado, blizzards, or other weather governed by the closing of school district 2 and 3 that could endanger staff or children, LC may not open that day. If this ever occurs, parents will be notified by local radio and television station, or a telephone call. In addition, if at any time while we are open, children are endangered due to bad weather or other events of nature, parents will be called to pick up children early from the center. On days that are too cold (below 32 degrees), or extremely hot (90+ degrees), children will be kept indoors. When degrees above 85 children will only be allowed outside for periods of 15 minutes to ½-hour depending on wind and other elements.




Arrival for drop off


Drop off for School




Pickup from School


Snack Time and Homework Help


PLAYTIME until departure



Parent committee gives parents a way, to be involved in Life Centered planning and decision-making processes. In partnership with staff, the parent committee members, have a key role as representatives of our program to share information and ideas of improvements at the center and quality needs. Our quality improvement plan (QIP). We will discuss, create and implement strategies during scheduled meetings. The parent committee meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month at Life Centered when organized, and the parent committee meeting, will start at 5:30p.m. (Childcare provided)



Parents, guardians and other family members are always welcome at the center, we encourage you to visit and join us in any activities. Your participation and involvement are important to us as we work as partners to provide the best care and educational stimulation as possible for your child. Our program conducts an annual family survey to ask families for suggestions on how to improve our program and how the program can better support the needs of our families. The results of the surveys will be shared with families so that we can incorporate the feedback and concerns into our quality improvement plan.



This includes working with families to identify goals and providing support and referrals to accomplish those goals. Families can contact their Director or staff for assistance in locating in the lobby at our parent resource agencies and in obtaining emergency services. Information is located in the lobby at our parent resource library. Our program coordinates with service providers in our community that will visit with you here at Life Centered. We will use employ bilingual teacher that will assist our Spanish speaking families and children. Lutheran Family Services assist with our Arabian speaking families; they offer on call services and visit the center to help families complete enrollment packets, orientations and communication between staff and child. Organizations that support our programs in designing learning activities that aid in meeting outcomes and goals of individual families are (The Resource Exchange, Aspen Pointe, and Therapy of the Rockies, School District 2, Alliance for Kids, School Readiness Program and a Registered Nurse) these organization will help you design individual learning plans needed for you and your child/children. These services include completing Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individual Education Plan (IEP).



Children will receive a developmental assessment within the first five days of enrolling if needed. Additional written assessments and observations will be conducted twice a year. The evaluations will inform parents of their child’s progress in homework and interaction with other children while at the center. At the time of evaluations, team leaders or our director, will schedule a parent to attend. Director will schedule a conference with the parents to discuss the child’s progress in behavior, social, emotional and physical needs. If there is an identified developmental concern, we will provide resources and referrals to families. Daily communication with parents will be done verbally or through written daily sheets. Parents are always welcome to call or come in to discuss any special needs or concerns.


Transition from Home to School

Prior to enrollment LC encourage parents to bring their child/children to the center and visit their child’s group, to help their child, adjust to their new environment, peers and staff.

Parents will be notified one week in advance that their child will be moving up to a class that will challenge and enhance their growth and development. During this process, your child will be transitioning into their new group three days out of the week, in three hours increments. We will help your child adjust to the new setting by introducing them to their new staff and classmates. Observations and interactions are monitored ensuring your child’s transition into their environment is successful. At the end of the week, a meeting is set up for parents to discuss and evaluate the process. You will receive and sign a move up letter when the transition is complete.


Transition from School to Kindergarten

Our program works closely with our local elementary schools. Kindergarten teachers communicate with the center to make sure our program is aligned with their kindergarten readiness program. Our Kindergarten classmates, teachers, and parents prepare a yearly fieldtrip to attend their Kindergarten round up day.



Parties and celebrations are fun. There are several occasions throughout the year, which parents are encouraged to participate.

School portraits- as a special service we offer school portraits twice per year- in the fall and the spring, to help us raise monies to assist with our daily budget. You will be notified in advance, of picture day.



Since food and nutrition are important components of a child’s development, LC emphasizes fresh and natural foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade soups, whole grain, etc.… Mealtimes, well-balanced lunches. Mid-morning snacks, and mid-afternoon snack. Effective 8-1-2017, All children arriving before 9:00am if they are here for a full day, will be offered breakfast. Special diets if a child has a particular dietary need, substantiated by a medical evaluation, the Center Director of Life Centered must have proper documentation from the child’s physician. All monthly menus are posted outside the kitchen and in each classroom.



For all LC children, T.V. & Video viewing is limited to Thirty (30) minutes per day which must align with the current classroom activities.



Children participating at LC for the entire day program will take a rest in the afternoon after lunch. Children lay down on sleep cots for this activity. Older children who wish, may read quietly during this time if unable to sleep. Children must respect others right to sleep. To help children rest, quiet music is played, and lights are dimmed. Teachers may rub the backs of those children who request the contact. Parents are expected to provide blankets for their child’s use at naptime. Blankets should be picked up by parents on Fridays for laundering and returned with the child on Monday morning.

7.702.54A5- The center must provide a rest period with rest equipment of a least thirty (30) minutes for all school-age children remaining in the center longer than five (5) hours. Quite activities are permissible during the thirty (30) minute period. Older children requiring a rest time must be given one.

7.702.54A6- Children must not be forced to sleep. Children who do not sleep after thirty (30) minutes must be allowed to move to another area and be provided with quiet toys and equipment to play with such as puzzles or books.



Parents or Guardians are required to call to notify staff that a student will be late. If the children are scheduled on a field trip outside of the center, all late students will be supervised in the main center. The structured alternative activity will be available.



We love a good party. It is so much fun to celebrate a little one’s birth. Parents may bring special treats for their child’s birthday or any other time during the preschool year. Because of state regulation regarding serving of food, the treats must be purchased commercially or prepackaged from a bakery. Please let your child’s staff know in advance if you plan to celebrate with your child’s group. Please include every child in your celebrations.



Children are taken outside every day (State Rules) for large motor activities and play time, except when weather is severe, temperatures are too low (35) or too high (90+). On those days, children will remain indoors. We discourage children from staying inside on good days because we do not have enough staff to supervise, and we must still meet our teacher: child ratio when outdoors. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather conditions.


Life Centered is for profit and totally depends on tuition payments for staff, salaries and other overhead costs. This section outlines the policies concerning your child’s tuition. It is very important that you read it carefully and understand it completely. The director will be happy to answer any questions. An itemized fee schedule is available to inform you of rates and fees. All tuition must be paid on time to ensure your child has continued participation in our program.




Registration Fees

$75.00 per child and this fee is non-refundable and paid annually


Tuition Fees

Parents please understand when you complete your enrollment packet, you are under contract with Life Centered. All Parents Fees is due the Friday before the week you need service or on Monday before  any services is rendered. We do not have a grace period. If payment is not received on time it is considered late; the fee will be $30.00.

If you prefer to pay tuition twice monthly, the payment is to be made in advance on the first week. If a monthly payment is preferred, payments for the month must be paid for by the 1st of the month. Families on childcare assistance must pay Co-payments or Parents Fees in full by the 1st of the month, late fees will be applied on the 2nd of the month and by fifth of the month the child will be withdrawn, case worker will be notified. We love all children, but any child could be withdrawn from the program for non- payment. Tuition must be paid regardless of attendance. If your child is sick and/ or for any reason cannot attend school tuition must be paid. Late pick up fee is $1.00 per minute, per child after center is closed.


Tiny Toes

  • Toddlers - $280.00/wk
  • Infants $325.00/wk


  • $225.00/wk

School Age

  • Before School - $75.00/wk
  • After School - $75.00/wk
  • Before and After - $125.00/wk
* NOTE: Credit card payments may be subject to an additional processing of up to 3.5%.


School Closure Fees

Life Centered Services will be available for parents in District 2 and District 3 who only need services when school is closed due to weather, holidays, or any situation that may arise beyond the control of the parents. The cost for these services is, 3 days $75.00. For a week $125.00. When your child is absent for any reason, a partial payment of $75.00 is still required per week to secure your child’s spot here at Life Centered. Except for excused illness accompanied by a doctor’s note, school closures are $175.00 per week. This includes teacher workdays.


Activities Fees (Fun Fee)

Activities fees are charges for spring break and summer activities. The fees are for children 5 years and up and are used to pay for beyond the normal activities- such as swimming, movies, zoo, bowling, and other scheduled fieldtrips.


Returned Check Fee

Parent will be charged a fee of $30.00 for each check returned, after one returned check payments must be made in cash or money order.


Transporation Fees

A fee of $30.00 per event will be assessed to parents, $25.00 per week if paid with cash, if a LC Driver show up to pick up your child and the child is not there and you the parent haven’t called the center to let us know. We the LC provides transportation for varies child(ren) and it is unfair to them if we are late picking them up from school or/and any activities.



LC does offer a vacation fee of half tuition per week- we allow for 2 weeks a year for vacation. Please provide at least a 2-week notice that a vacation week is being used.



Two weeks advanced written and paid notice is required when you wish to end your contract. There is no refund for early withdrawal. We will give one-week notice to parents if it becomes necessary to cancel your contract. Will give 30-day notice before any contract changes. We reserve the right to terminate the contract with or without notice as deemed necessary or appropriate at our sole discretion. For behaviors above, our capability or we conclude the child is having problems adhering to center rules. We apply a 3-occurrence rule after conferencing with parents that consist of 1st parents must pick the child up within one hour 2nd occurrence the child must be picked up and remain home for 24hours. 3rd occurrence the child must be picked up not return, this process is for extreme situations and after, all other sourced for help has been exhausted.



We have an Open-door policy however due to human service regulations all visitors must sign in. Parents have free access at all times to all areas used by children. There are exceptions governed by Colorado State Law, which include during facility operating hours or while the child is in care. Only licenses employees, licensed volunteer’s or an authorized representative of the government agency, or parent shall have unsupervised or regular access to the child-care. We will allow the parent/guardian of the child in care unsupervised or regular access to the center.



Life Centered is required by law to keep in compliance with Rules and Regulations set forth by the State of Colorado Division of Child Care. If you have any questions concerning LC compliance, in admitting students, caring for your child. Or keeping with rules and regulations, please contact the Director, the board of Directors or the owners. You may contact the following agencies for additional help and information regarding licensing, suspected child abuse, neglect or other concerns.


El Paso County Department of Social Services-Child Abuse Division
1675 West Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Colorado Department of Human Services
The Division of Child Care
1675 West Garden of the Gods Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Executive Director of Colorado Human Services
1575 Sherman Street Denver, CO 80203-1714



All children enrolled in this facility are unique and treated with love and respect. We will provide them the opportunity to engage in variety of activities. Our most fundamental objectives is to provide a safe, clean and loving environment, in which each child will feel he/she is loved, valued and wanted. We will be creative and teaching the children in our program, and making a positive difference, in the life of each child in our care!



Foods Brought from Home

 We request that you do not bring food from home into our program.


Colorado Child Care Assistance Program

Effective May 1, 2018 CCAP requires that all clients (parents/guardians) use their pin to sign in/out on the website for the services rendered by the childcare facility. If you fail to properly login or if CCAP fails to pay our company, you understand that you will be required to pay LC weekly rate. Effective September 1, 2018 the state allows you only one absence. Due to LC holding spot for your child(ren), any absence beyond the one will require you to pay LC current weekly rate for each day the child(ren) is absent. In cases of a sick child beyond one absence you may contact your caseworker to request additional sick days. Parents must provide a two-week notice of termination of services/care in writing and pay or login for those final two weeks. Failure to do so will result in you being billed for the last two weeks at our private rate. Dept. of Human Service (CCAP) continues to make changes to CCAP benefits. any changes/charges that are not covered by CCAP will be the financial responsibilities of each parent/guardian.

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I acknowledge by signing this form that I agree to the terms and provisions in the Life Centered Family Handbook. I acknowledge that I have reviewed any/and all revisions in the program. 

I am also acknowledging that I have read and signed my financial responsibilities that are stated in the Life Centered enrollment application and that I am aware that this contract, along with the Life Centered School fees have been set in place to better accommodate me, a loyal Life Centered Parent.